Amber & Jade



Ying & Yang.. otherwise known as Jade & Amber :)

Miss Jasmine


Jazzy Jasmine

Miss Tessa .. otherwise known as Monkey

Jade & Kensie

Murphy & Amber

Miss Lyra keeping an eye on all the riff raff

Fendi, Vera & Chanel

Miss Morgan

Miss Vanille

Murphy & Vanille taking a trot

Amber & Kensie giving kisses

Tessa & Morgan

Rufio & Murphy

Murphy and his ball .. just like his daddy!

Miss Kensie

Jetta & Kensie... mother & daughter

Father & Son.... Zephir & Murphy

Rylie is faster than a speeding bullet but her momma, Tessa can still out run her.

The flying Rylie!

Balls in the mouth must run in the family.. Zephir & Murphy are never without one

There IS a dog in there!

Princess Rylie