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Our journey began more than twenty years ago, when as a teenager I wanted a dog of my very own.  My mother had raised Miniature Schnauzers and was also by that time involved with Bearded Collies.  I wanted a dog that looked similar to the Beardies but was smaller in stature.  I searched The AKC: The Complete Dog Book (the internet was nothing like it is today) and found my perfect breed… the Tibetan Terrier.  The only problem was, in the mid 80’s TT’s had only been a recognized breed for about ten years.  My mother had only seen a few at the local dog shows.  It seemed that my perfect breed was not to be.

One day while flipping through a local paper’s classified section, fate was on my side.  The ad simply read “Tibetan Terrier Puppies AKC registered”.  We called the number and the next day drove the hour (it could have been longer or just around the corner I was to excited to remember) to the home of Heywho Tibetans. The breeder was a wonderful woman who spent a lot of time discussing the TT’s with us.  She offered us any puppy we wanted. The decision was easy!  I had a little black girl in my lap the whole time we talked. This eight week old little black beauty would become known as Heywho’s Wait for Mee-Tu.  MeeTu for short because of the way she followed all the other dogs in the house around. MeeTu spent the first night in her new home cuddled up on my pillow next to my head.  This would continue for many years. Some thought that she had no legs since she was always in my arms.

MeeTu earned her championship in just ten shows, only losing once on her first time out.  She competed in the breed ring and won many a time.  Her career ended with a Group Two finish.  At the time, judges would send people to see her because in their opinion she was the “ideal” Tibetan Terrier.

Her show career was short because the shopping was so much better than the ring in her mind.  She would jog from vendor to vendor standing up at their display tables searching out that prefect treat. When she found what she wanted, she would pick it up and look to us as if to say “pay the nice man please”.  MeeTu was a true ambassador to her breed. 

I’m married now with two wonderful boys of my own, Reece and Tyler.  The dogs have truly become a family affair.  My sons competed in junior handling classes at the 2006 TTCA National in Lancaster County, PA.  Reece, my oldest, took Best Junior Handler.  He also finished his first class dog when he was only 13 years old.  He and Carter are the best of friends.  Tyler choose to go the more compact route and owns / showed his Pomeranian, Jolson.  My wife, Rene' finished our first Tibetan, Morgen, over 3 1/2 years ago.  How our lives have changed.  We have since finished several other Tibetans and are now venturing into another breed, Lowchens.  People now come to our home to enjoy the wonderful puppies that we have bred in search of that special angel to become cherished members of their families.

What a long way we have come from that one little black girl twenty years prior.

MeeTu has been gone for a few years now but I know she’s watching over us.  Sometimes while shopping at a show I get the feeling that she’s right there with me looking down as if to say “pay the nice man, I’ve found my treat”. 


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